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WaterRower vs Concept2 Rowing machine: Best for CrossFit?

Published October 2, 2019 in Fitness - 0 Comments
WaterRower vs Concept2 Rowing machine

There are too many rowing machines available in the market. But the two most popular rowing machines are WaterRower and Concept2. So, if you are thinking to purchase the rowing machine then you will don’t go wrong with these two best quality machines. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some points which will let you know which rowing machine best for your CrossFit.

These both rowing machines are best but have some difference which will help you to purchase the best one. To continue reading this article.

WaterRower vs concept2 rowing machine

One big thing which we have to note first is flywheel. The concept2 has the flywheel of fan-powered and the WaterRower has the water-powered Flywheel.

If you have never used the rowing machine then you might don’t know what is Flywheel. Let me explain in a short way. Like, when you pull the one hand of the rowing machine then the flywheel of the rowing machine will get spins.

With an air rower, the turning flywheel makes wind, which adds protection from your paddling movement. When you push quicker, you produce more opposition.

A water rower includes a huge tank of water that houses the flywheel. When you pull an idea about the paddling machine, the flywheel gets obstruction from the waterway that it sits in.

What are the main features of Concept2

Do you know the Concept2 Rowing machine has already a good reputation in the market and it also the best-selling rowing machine? The Concept2 is one of the best rowing machines which is preferred by the competitive rowers and rowing clubs.

Concept2 also provides some different types of machines which has already gained much popularity that is Skierg. Concept2 has got a very good reputation. Thanks to its smooth working, durable frame and also to its sleek design.

We have listed some best features of Concept2:

  • It comes with the Air-resistance Flywheel and also from the Nickel plated chain.
  • You can adjust its monitor according to your choice.
  • It has a durable frame which comes with powder coated finish.

The Concept2 rower comes unassembled. Fortunately, the get-together procedure isn’t troublesome. The machine is held together with only eight screws. You can without much of a stretch set up it together and wheel it. It likewise incorporates two front wheels for moving it around or putting away it.

This well-known paddling machine is additionally outfitted with the Performance Monitor 5. The LCD gadget incorporates various highlights to help track your exercises and set your preparation alternatives.

Your exercise choices incorporate coordinated paddling, separation, and interims. You can likewise associate the screen to good wellness applications or gadgets to follow your pulse.

What are the Pros and Cons of Concept2

One of the best Pros of the Concept2 is its Reputation. From a few decades, everyone purchases it buying it as a preferred choice. This has become the standard rowing machine which people take it as a first priority while comparing it with other machines.

Another advantage of this machine is the “Performance Monitor” you can monitor your workout and keep it save on your smartphone.

The Concept2 Does not have many disadvantages because it is a solid machine and also trusted by many peoples. The only problem which you will face is of storing and setting the rowing machines.

Main Features of WaterRower

As we have also discussed above that the Concept2 has the favorite machine for the rowers and fitness enthusiastic peoples. But the next best quality option is WaterRowing.

From the WaterRower you will get the water-powered flywheels and many other features which we have listed below:

  • It has the Performance monitor to see your workout.
  • It has a weight capacity of 770 Ib
  • It comes with different types of finishes also.

The WaterRower has the water Flywood tank which is made up of hardwood. The WaterRower has a high weight capacity compare to Concept2.

What are the Pros and Cons of Water Rowing Machines

With the WaterRower, you are getting a standout amongst the most suggested water-fueled paddling machines. It offers about the nearest coordinate that you can get to paddling in a pontoon.

While a few people appreciate the smooth development of the air flywheel, the WaterRower expects you to manufacture your speed or progressively decrease your pace. You should be intentional with your developments, which makes it feel nearer to the genuine article.

Pouring the water after each utilization is an inefficient and bulky assignment. While the WaterRower does not require very as much space contrasted with the Concept2, it is somewhat harder to secure.

The weight and portability of the paddling machine are two potential disadvantages. On the off chance that you plan on setting up the paddling machine and not moving it regularly, these may not be serious issues.

Final Words

So in this article, we have discussed both the Concept2 and WaterRower rowing machine. We have listed the pros and cons also. Now it will be easy to buy the best one. I hope this article is helpful and informative to you.

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